Who We Serve

In a nutshell, we help people.  From families with young children to adults who need an objective, judgement free environment in order to figure out what changes to make in order to thrive in all aspects of their life.


Wellness starts at a young age and the earlier we instill good habits, the better chance we have at living healthy lives. When we work with families, we provide coaching and guidance on how to identify and overcome the obstacles that we have struggled with and how to set the stage for a lifetime of wellness.

Whether you are trying to teach your children about the importance of nutrition and exercise, are struggling yourself or anything in between, we work with you collectively and support your family’s health and wellness journey.

Young Adults/College

(Preparing for College - Transition)

The teenage years and early adulthood are often challenging. Our physical bodies are changing. Our routines are changing. The media and our peers send so many messages about how we look and act that it can be overwhelming.  Not to mention, our lives become busier and putting a focus on our health and wellness is not always a priority.

We work with young adults to support them as they prepare to enter adulthood. Whether it's a lack of understanding of what are good eating habits, how to fit movement into their day or getting them ready to maintain their current habits when they go off to college, we are invested in their desire to thrive.


Life is stressful. From parenthood to careers to relationships, even the positive people are dealing with the everyday challenges of life. There are so many things that can make living a life of health and wellness a struggle. We also know that setting reasonable and attainable goals is critical to success of any kind. We provide motivational techniques that are designed to help you reach your goals and create a long-term plan for overall wellbeing.