Health &Wellness Coaching

Living a healthy lifestyle is important, but we know it doesn't come easy to everyone.  As Certified Health and Wellness Coaches, we are trained to give you support that helps you thrive.

Strive To Thrive

Why Copper Pillars?

Copper, the chemical element with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29, is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. This means it can be reshaped, without losing its strength. Copper is the perfect metaphor for anyone looking to create a life of health and wellness. Through education, goal setting and support, you too can reshape your mindset and live the energetic life you were meant to lead.

Pillars is all about support and creating a strong foundation for success. Through ongoing coaching, we do both. We start with creating a foundation, a plan and are there for you throughout your journey. We offer non-judgemental support as you strive to thrive.

Our Four Pillars

These are the pillars in which are the foundation for everything we believe and how we approach health and wellness coaching.

It Takes A Village

Raising a family is hard. Being an adult is just as hard. We all need support systems around us to help us thrive. Copper Pillars was founded on the belief that we don’t have to try and reach our goals alone and we are here for you to lean on.

Lifetime / Lifestyle

Health and wellness isn’t about the latest diet trend or what the scale says on a particular day. It’s about a mindset and behaviors that create overall well being. We are here to help you discover that mindset and create positive change.

It's Your Journey

No one’s life is the same. How health and wellness goals are reached varies for everyone. We want to be a part of your journey.

Body & Soul

Health and wellness is not just about our physical being, but about who we are as humans. It’s about how we think and feel about ourselves and how we treat ourselves. We will provide you with the tools to understand the difference and how to tap into the wellness of your body and soul.

Danny C.

Penny’s counseling enabled me to conquer a daunting first year of law school. It began with Penny’s ability to actively listen. This allowed her to understand the lofty goals I’d set for myself. Penny followed this up by asking thoughtful, insightful questions to isolate what I viewed as obstacles to achieving my goals. After understanding my goals and what stood in their way, Penny worked with me to devise practicable, actionable strategies to overcome these obstacles and reach my goals. Penny’s constant encouragement held me to account without any semblance of judgment while I worked through the inevitable bumps in the road along the path to success. I’m proud to say that Penny’s counseling led me to a coveted spot on my school’s Law Review and a ranking in the top ten percent of my class.

Lisa S.

Penny helped me conquer some challenges during the first few months of the pandemic. We started with some assessments which enabled her to hone in on my obstacles. Then we spoke weekly or should I say, I spoke and Penny listened. Penny has mastered the art of listening. You KNOW you are being heard because she asks questions to clarify ensuring she totally understands and then gives the appropriate cue to lead you towards solutions. Her suggestions were helpful, easy to put to use, often tweaked after identifying what works and what doesn’t. I’m proud that I have maintained my achievements and credit Penny with leading me.

Kelly R.

"Penny's soothing nature and exceptional listening skills were the perfect counter to my rambling, uncentered and uncertain pathway I was traveling on. I had just had a major life upheaval and was starting anew. Penny listened, asked some key thought-provoking questions in each of our sessions and I found myself constructing goals for how I wanted my new future to look. I can honestly say she has exceeded my expectations as my coach. We quickly developed a level of trust, she walked alongside me as I discovered that I was the only one accountable for my goals. She was amenable to my needs and had my best interest at heart. Penny has guided me in my journey to thrive again as a successful professional in the health and wellness space."

Sharon G.

"Penny is an active listener who analyzed my goals very capably and translated them into an achievable step-by-step process. She is extremely professional in her approach to goal-setting.  Her insightful questions and observations helped me stay focused on the desired outcome despite any missteps or setbacks.   As a health and wellness counselor, her concern and feedback provided a framework of support that kept me feeling positive and motivated as I progressed."

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